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Among Us Manager
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Among Us Manager is a discord bot using reactions to manage muting and deafening in Among Us.
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Among Us Manager

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Among Us Manager is a discord bot using reactions to manage muting and deafening in Among Us, allowing you listen to live reactions during the round while you're dead.


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Among Us Manager uses discord reactions to smoothly manage muting and deafening. After creating a game, use the reactions under the embed to control the game. Because the bot deafens everyone alive, dead people can hear the thoughts of everyone alive, or the screams of someone dying.


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Unfortunately due to discord bot limitations, only 10 voice edits are allowed every 5 seconds per server, freezing the bot if multiple games in a single server change stage at once


Start Command Starting description
am.start Host new game a in current voice channel. Only one game is allowed in each voice channel
am.join Joins existing game in voice channel
am.joinall Force joins everyone in the voice channel into the game
am.endgame Terminates existing game in voice channel. Only players in the game are able to use this command during a 6 hour time period after game is created
Host Game Commands Host description
am.round or 🔇 Start the round (do tasks). Deafens everyone alive, unmutes everyone dead
am.meeting or 📢 Call a meeting. Undeafens everyone alive, mutes everyone dead.
am.lobby or ⏮ End of game, back to lobby. Undeafens and unmutes everyone
Player Commands Round description
am.dead or ☠ Toggle status to dead. Undeafens during rounds to discuss with other dead players and hear other players alive
Management Commands Management description
am.promote Promotes player to host Host only
am.kick Removes player from game
am.leave Leave game