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A discord bot that puts most needed bot features in one!
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Bubbles | Discord Bots Hub
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Bubbles Bot

Bubbles Bot is a bot that comes with a gigantic variety of commands, most needed ones.

Bubbles Bot combines most needed bit features into one, you will no longer need to have 47 bots in 1 server!

But what are those features? Basic Moderation - as this is a probably the most needed category in all bots Modules - basically like welcome message and ranking. Misc - eh some fun stuff that you can play around with Memes - it gets random memes from reddit Verification system - it currently has only roblox verification, but the dev is working on more methods Economy - classic economy games, work, gamble, get daily rewards, and more! Gain money and climb the leader board Chatbot - if you ever feel lonely, you can chat with the bot at any time Trivia - this bot provides millions of MCQ trivia questions!

Note: this bot is verified, so don't worry about spam or it being a virus or anything

Add the bot: https://bubblesbot.cf/invite.html

Upvote the bot: https://bubblesbot.cf/vote.html

Support Server: https://discord.gg/HCnpbP4