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A minigames bot that is constantly being developed. It has many fun and polished games and more are coming.
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Frodo | Discord Bots Hub
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The bot currently has quite a few games. The full list currently is

  • Connect 4,
  • Akinator,
  • Hangman,
  • Rock Paper Scissors,
  • Trivia,
  • Tick Tack Toe,
  • Countdown style anagrams.
  • Chase the Ace - Almost completed,
  • Werewolves - In Development All of these are within the discord chat and are quite polished. The current major games in development is Wearwolves and a set of card games. The bot does not only provide games though. There are also many different simple text commands like joke, fact, fortune, insult and most importantly, chucknorris. The bot also has per server configs for things like prefixes and also full server backups! This covers rolls, settings, channels and even messages!