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Melody | Discord Bots Hub
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Welcome to the melody bot, this is my bot i made during quarentine becuase i wanted to learn something new so i thought i would this. But lets not do the small talk shall we im pretty sure you would like to know what my bot does right? well if you do some the features this bot list are below: The main command for this is m!help this will list all commands you can use. If you would like to know about a countrys covid19 stats then this bot could help. Or maybe you just want a money system in your server? This bot has that and much much more. It even has a moderation system for your lovely server to be moderated. Oh and how could i forget about the announce command? This lovely command will announce a message of your choice to a specific channel in a embed format. Well this is all. I hope you enjoy this bot and if you have any questions just join the support server using "m!serverhelp".