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A bot that will give you a lot of fun and improve the atmosphere on your server!
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DefinitelyNotBot | Discord Bots Hub
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Bot name: DefinitelyNotBot

Bot prefix: ?


?8ball (question) Ask any question to 8ball!

?avatar (mention user) Displays people avatar

?cat Get cute cat image from reddit!

?dog Get cute dog image from reddit!

?f Pay your respect

?hi Say hello to me

?gaytest or ?howgay See how gay you are

?invite Invite me to your server!

?iqtest See how many IQ you have

?lenny Sends lenny face

?meme Get funny meme from reddit

?owo I will say OwO for you

?rolldice Roll a dice!

?rps Play rock, paper, scissors!

?uwu I will say UwU for you

Type ?help on channel to see all commands!

If you have any questions / suggestions contact @Dżejk#8914 - BOT OWNER

Bot is online 24/7, hope you enjoy!