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A space adventure fun bot with 5 imaginary worlds, 4 Stones And Many more stuffs!
Invite Prefix: Mei- Server


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By δΉ‚βœ°LΔ’Γ˜ | Positive | 2020-09-05 10:34:08

Nice Bot


Meitu | Discord Bots Hub
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Beginner's Guide For Meitu

Section I: Creating Meitu Account

You must type Mei-assistant to begin your journey. You will be prompted to accept our guidelines.

Section II: Mechanics Of Meitu

In order to gather elixers, you need to use Meitu's Elixer gathering commands ( Mei-explore, Mei-scout, Mei-investigate and Mei-daily ). Other important commands are Mei-profile, Mei-inventory, Mei-store [section] and Mei-buy/sell.

Section III: Trading

In order to trade with any person, you must type Mei-trade. The user you mentioned has to accept the trade by typing accept or reject by typing decline. Once trade has been accepted, you can add Items, elixer and stones by typing `mei-add