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Game Utility
Whitelisting + Utility bot for Minecraft | Allows "Patreons" to add themselves to a whitelisted MC server from Discord w/o a mod
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Discraft | Discord Bots Hub
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The Whitelisting and Utility bot for Minecraft


Discraft is a bot/plugin that enables Discord admins to run commands on their Minecraft Server from Discord.

One of the main features of this bot, is that discord members in your server (once given a specific role), can add themselves to your whitelisted Minecraft Server without a mod having to intervene and add them manually.

This is ideal for Discord communities who only want "Patreons" to be able to join their whitelisted server.

It is all a work in progress though, so if you find any issues please file a bug report. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to add me on Discord: BurntWindow#3499


Use d!setup for information on how to setup the bot in discord or d!help for command help. You can also visit the website here to learn more here.

The website also lets you configure the bot here

The plugin doesn't start correctly

This can happen for a couple of reasons.

One major one is that the port it is trying to listen to is being used by something else.

To fix this, simply use /discraft port or change the config.yml port field of the minecraft server and restart.

Then use d!port in the discord to save it to the server.

This should fix it. If not then send an email to [email protected] or send a DM to BurntWindow#3449 on Discord.