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An All-in-One Multi-Purpose Discord bot which has infinite usages like Moderator, Economy, Fun, Calculator, etc...
Invite Prefix: c. [Can be changeable] Server Website


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By AR7 | Carbon+ | Positive | 2020-06-28 10:30:28

Its such an Amazing Bot. It is can single-handedly manage a whole server by-itself. BEST BOT EVER


Carbon+ | Discord Bots Hub
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Carbon+ Play. Explore. Moderate.

An All-in-one Multi-Purpose bot for Moderation, Currency, Utility, Fun, and more...

Bot Prefix => c. Help Command =>

` is Required &[]` is Optional

Moderation Commands :

c.kick @member Kicks a member from the server Perms : Kick Members

c.ban @member Bans a member from the server Perms : Ban Members

c.warn Sends a DM to the person being warned and is noted of his/her warn. Perms : Ban Members

c.unban #<code> Unbans the Member who had been banned before. Perms : Ban Members Conditions : Member must be Banned and on the Member's List

c.del Aliases : c.clear Deletes the last messages sent.

c.userinfo [member] Aliases : c.ui Gives the member's info.

Currency Commands :

c.start Helps beginners know what is Carbon+ all about.

c.profile Shows your profile with stats on Coins, Level, XP and items.

c.daily Gives a 800-1000 limit of Coins. Can get only once. ;)

c.balance Aliases : c.bal Shows your Balance

c.level Shows your Level and XP Visit the Shop ! You may find something useful :) Buy an item from shop by using this cmd

c.use Use it. If not, why bought it ??? Play some sports.

SUPPORT Commands :

c.invite Invite the Cool Bot to your Awesome server Need Help ? Ask Us. Conditions : Join the Server and get a Community role.

c.suggest Suggest us new commands and ideas at #suggestions. Conditions : Need to be in Support Server Check out Carbon+ Website.

UTILITY Commands : Simple Calculations

c.add Add two numbers

c.sub Subtract two numbers

c.mul Multiply random two numbers

c.div Divide two numbers

Advanced Calculations

c.sqrt Calculate Square Root no.

c.cube Cube of a Number

c.sq Square of a Number

c.exp Exponential of a Number is now possible.

Carbon+ commands are constantly updating. Be sure to always be the first to check them out. Join Support Server to report or suggest some cool cmds.