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Project Bump is a Partnership bot that you use to help grow your server by bumping your advertisement to 400+ servers 🔥
Invite Prefix: p% Server


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Project Bump | Discord Bots Hub
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Project Bump

Project Bump is a partner bot that you can use to help grow your server by bumping your advertisement to 400+ Servers this helps save a lot of time on trying to find new partnerships every single day!

You can bump your amazing server every 1 Hour / 30 Minutes (If Premium) to all the great servers project bump is in!!!

Benefits Of Project Bump

  • Super easy to setup
  • Always Constant Development
  • Super Reliable
  • Friendly Support
  • Show Your Server To A Ton Of New People
  • Save Time Of Getting Partner Ships
  • join our support server for daily premium giveaways

Our Commands!

  • p%setup #whatever_channel - you can use this command to setup a partnership channel

  • p%desc whatever - you use this command to set a server description aka your partnership message

  • p%preview - you use this command to view what your partnership message will look like before you choose to bump it

  • p%bump - yay congrats now that you have set a partner channel you may now bump your server to 470+ servers every 25 Mins!!!

  • p%help - you can use this help command to bring up our lovely help menu where you can get help on several commands and also get a link to join our super friendly support server where you can get helping on any questions you may have about the bot or simplying asking how to set the bot up.

  • p%auto - this will turn auto bumping ON/OFF for premium users only

    How Do I Set Up Project Bump?

    Step 1

  • You must invite the bot to your server and proceed with the asked permissions for the bot to properly work!

    Step 2

  • Once you have followed step 1 you can now set a partnership channel on where you want all of the partnership mesages to go into on your server you can set this up by doing p%setup #whatever_channel once you have done this correctly you will get a success message to say that you have done this!!

    Step 3

  • Now that your partner channel is all set up and ready to go you can now set up your description this is used so when you bump other servers will see the description of your server you can set your description up by doing p%desc followed by what you want your description to say! you may include imgur gifs or photos in your description if you choose that you want to spice it up a bit! if you want to see what your description will look like you can preview it with p%preview this will show you your advertisement!

    Step 4

  • Congrats now that you have set a channel and description you can now bump to all the servers that have our bot set up you can do this by doing p%bump

  • dont want to keep bumping your server manually or waiting 1 Hour you can get auto bump and 30 mins cooldowns by purchasing our premium from the help menu by doing p%help

    You Are Now All Ready To Go! Now Sit Back And Watch Your Server Grow!!!