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A radio bot with 24/7 streaming & with perfect looking embed/layouts!
Invite Prefix: r> Server Website


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Radio X | Discord Bots Hub
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Radio X | A Bot For Music & Radio

Radio X a bot for music & radio. Bot made and updated by Promote Your Servers, along with a group of developers that help to maintain and upgrade the bot! Premium as well as normal features are available within the bot. Have a feedback send them in using the commands available in the bot. Prefix r>, r>help for all the commands available…

Add Me To Your Server to have high quality streams!!!

Here Are Some Of Commands Used In The Bot:

r>info - Information Regarding The Bot

r>help - Help Command For The Bot

r>radio - Play Radio Stations Avaible In The Bot

r>iheart - Search for any iHeartRadio stations

Much Much More Commands…

Having Premium Will Allow You To Have Access To Extra Set Of Commands …