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Moderation Game Economy Utility
The best bot that has multiple functions including moderation, games, and more!
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By Dexter | Positive | 2020-11-10 11:05:35

good bot


By Hayden DavisπŸŽƒ | Positive | 2020-10-09 17:59:04

This bot is the best bot I have ever used! It has the same features as Dank Memer, MEE6, and Dyno all in one bot!


HaydenBot | Discord Bots Hub
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What is HaydenBot and what does it do?

HaydenBot is a friendly Discord bot that is meant for any Discord server. It can help you with moderation, it can play games with anyone in the server, and much more!

Why was HaydenBot Created?

HaydenBot was created by YouTuber Hayden Davis when he realized that he needed a customizable bot with both fun commands to keep users entertained, and moderation functions to protect his quickly-growing Discord servers. He eventually figured out that he needed to create his own bot, and then HaydenBot was born!

Bot Commands

HaydenBot has a lot of commands! If you wish to view them, please click this link.


HaydenBot is up at least 6 days a week and when it isn't online, it is usually because our development team is working very hard to bring you new and exciting commands!

Voting Rewards

Anyone who votes for HaydenBot will get the following perks in this server:

-A special VIP role for 24 hours

-An exclusive chat for you and other voters

-Exclusive giveaways with high rewards

-And more!


If you need help, you can use h!help or ping HaydenBot and it will give you the help command. If you have a question that HaydenBot cannot answer, feel free to join our support server for help!