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A Pokémon bot that strives to bring an original experience to Discord. Through activities, events, and community! Check us out!!
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Onixian | Discord Bots Hub
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Created by Nexus Dev. Onixian is a Pokemon bot that tries to stick as cannon as possible meanwhile making playing the bot intuitive and simple to use. Including all of the Pokemon and forms, breeding, and minigames, there is plenty to do within Onixian.


If you need any help, you're always welcomed to join our support server! The center for updates and events!

Onixian Status

Currently in Alpha stage with several updates almost daily! We have Gen 8 Pokemon and just completed breeding!! Looking for people willing to test something new and provide feedback during the testing process. # Commands Core Commands ``Info`` ``Search`` ``Profile`` ``Credits`` ``Shop`` ``Bag`` ``Breed`` ``Wa`` ``Premium`` Miscellaneous Commands ``Prefix`` ``Redirect`` ``Auto`` ``Help`` Game Commands ``Wa``