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The adventure Sin
The adventure Sin
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Game Economy
The sins adventure bot is an adventure RPG bot, with a lot of commands, jobs, economy commands, pet shop, and more!.
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The adventure Sin | Discord Bots Hub
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Huge update in the works, join the Support Server to find out more!

Update 1.1released - Adventure sin

● New Update Version 1.3.3 Christmas Event

●The version 1.3.3 Christmas Event Update features:

●Rare Christmas Event Items

●The new island named Snow Land

●And more!!

● Daily Updates and Bugfixes

● New Features can be requested! By using -Suggest (your suggestion

● 24/7 Uptime!

●Lots of fun stuff

●here are some commands:

●-newadventure (you have to choose where is going to start your adventure)

●-jobs (Displays jobs so you can earn money)

●-help Displays help command with all the commands