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Baby Yoda
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Moderation Game Utility
Baby Yoda is a next generation bot that includes features such as account statistics, moderation and a meme generator
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Baby Yoda | Discord Bots Hub
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Welcome to the site of baby yoda

I have been working on the bot for weeks and am proud to finally deliver the result: Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda has not only the standard commands that every bot has, but also commands to look up account statistics of some games, to look up the current corona cases, to look up the weather and also commands to easily make memes of users.

The bot is also under constant development, which means that we work daily on the bot to make it better and feautre richer.


  • Account Stats
  • Meme generator
  • Images
  • Moderation
  • Fun

Acounts Stats

  • You can fetch player stats with commands like .r6stats, .apex or .overwatch
  • You can get information about a Steam profile with .steam
  • You can also get/steal minecraft skins with .skin

Meme generator


  • get random images of foxs,cats,dogs,alpacas,llamas,seals,waifus and nekos with .
  • get random memes: .meme
  • search images: .searchimage
  • search gifs: .serachgif


There are not that much moderation feautres yet, but they will come soon

  • basic things like .ban, .kick, .mute, .unmute


  • Throw a dice with .dice
  • Ask 8ball with .8ball
  • Flip a coin with .coinflip
  • get a random joke with .joke

Full list of Commands:

More coming soon...

You want to convince yourself? then invite him to you, enter .help and let the commands rain down on you

The InvalidBots Developer Team wishes you much fun!

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