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eXvay Info eXvay is an extreamly advanced discord bot that will fulfill your every need. As it has loads of commands, you and your members in your server will not be bored! The bot currently has these main features: Moderation, Fun, Economy and information commands. Don't worry if there are commands that you want that the bot doesn't have, the bot has DAILY updates.

Economy System eXvay has a very advanced economy system. Cash is obtained by doing work (>work) or (>daily). To get shards that you can exchange into rubies you must level up. To level up you need to get 250 XP, You can get 1-5 XP per message every 30 seconds. Rubies are a very rare currency. They are used to buy RARE items. You can get rubies from exchanging 100 shards, purchasing them for 1000 cash or if you have the premium version you can get them from >mine (to purchase eXvay premium do >tstore) Cash and rubies are used to buy epic items from the store.

Moderation Help

purge - Deletes a certain amount of messages. mute - Mutes a member. unmute - Unmutes a member. kick - Kicks a member from the server. ban - Bans a member from the server. channellock - Hides a channel making it visible to admins only. channelunlock - Unlocks a locked channel. userlock - Locks a user from seeing the server. userunlock - Unlocks a locked user.

Config Help

config-message.filter - Filters all rude words. config-message.dlink - Blocks members from sending discord links. config-message.link - Disables users from sending links.

Economy Help

redeemcode - Redeems a valid code. slots - Gambles provided cash. bal - Shows a users balance of Cash and rubies. profile - Sends a users profile. trade - Starts a trade with a user. donate - Gives your cash to another member. work - Allows you to work to earn cash. daily - Gives you your daily bonus of free cash. mine [Premium Required] - Go mining and find cash, shards or even RUBIES! shop - Shows the bot's shop. buy - Allows you to purchase items from the shop. realestate - Shows the first page of houses. purchaseHouse - Allows you to purchase a house. check - Checks your house. e.e >checkHouse1 .

Fun Help

urban search - Searches something from the urban dictionary. meme - Posts a random meme. 8ball - The bot answers any question you have.

Information Help

profe - Shows a members profile. rank - Shows a members XP, level and XP needed to lvl up. userinfo - Sends information about the mentioned user. serverinfo - Shows details about the server you are in. uptime - Sends how long the bot has been online for. ping - Pings the bot and shows the ping.