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Poké Egg is a bot that brings a new way to play pokemon. Start with an egg and breed / capture your way to victory!
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By || «Gacha Pies» || | Positive | 2019-12-07 10:30:10



Poké Egg | Discord Bots Hub
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Poké Egg is a Discord bot that brings Pokémon to Discord in a fun way! When you start play you will recieve a random Pokémon Egg that you need to hatch.

  • Hatch eggs by chatting
  • Get new eggs by chatting
  • Level up & evolve Pokémon
  • Wonder Trade
  • Slot Machines
  • Pokemart
  • Weather based evolutions!
  • Breeding (coming soon)
  • Battle & Trade other users (coming soon)
  • More!

    +start - starts the bot in that channel +incubate - gets your first egg +help - gets a list of commands

![New Egg](https://imgur.com/Fj1ehFV.gif =295x250) ![Select Egg](https://imgur.com/xEb8czT.gif =295x250) ![Egg Hatch](https://imgur.com/EOQZQHO.gif =295x250)