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The right bot when you need to share that "bruh" moment with your friends on voice chat.
Invite Prefix: sb! Server


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SoundBot | Discord Bots Hub
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The first soundboard discord bot with loats of meme fuctionality and interactivity.

And the right choise to memeize any small or big discord server!

Cool Features:

  • Sounds library that updates constantly side by side with a new memes/trends.
  • Easy and simple commands and sounds names that are easy to remember.
  • Visualy pleasant message responds.
  • Interactive name change, dependetly from sound being played.
  • Lots of cool unique features that will be soonly avaliable.


sb!play sound name - Play meme sound into your voice channel.

sb!sounds - List of all sounds avaliable.

sb!server - Get a link to our support server.

sb!example - Play random sound as an example.