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Moderation Game Economy Utility
Fun,economy & moderation bot with tons of cool features
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MG | Discord Bots Hub
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this bot has 6 types of commands 1- fun 2- moderation 3- information 4- premium 5- searching 6- economy with up to 80+ commands this bot has ticket system he has his own in-bot giveaways you can use commands to upgrade your server this bot has in self ads so he can do ads for your server(s) premium is really cheap enjoy this bot and dont forget to help us with SUGGESTIONS wanna info about new commands do .new cmds locking and disabling ads / links custom commands & editable rename system just use .rename @user new name bot own shop just use .shop to get info about it you can suggest your own shop items if it like us it will be added! playing casino by using .casino low (bet set automatically to 100$) .casino med (bet set automatically to 1000$) .casino high (bet set automatically to 10000$) also the bot do partner ships with other servers just you need to add the bot and talk to a developper or staff from the support server the amazing .rob command with it you can rob random users in the server and get their money! without getting robbed (cooldown 1 day !) its in .shop the bot has twitch / google / youtube finder THE BOT DO PROMOCODES GIVEAWAYS WITH CHANGE TO GET 10K$ AND 5 BOXES OR MORE!