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C.C. is a discord bot made for fans of C.C. and the anime Code Geass with collectable knightmares, character levelling and custom
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C.C. | Discord Bots Hub
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Information Commands

ping - Check the bots ping

help - Display a list of commands / get details on a specific command

botinfo - Check information about the bot

nsfw - List all the nsfw commands

server - Post an invite link for the official server

invite - Post an invite link for the bot

website - Post a link for the official website

Fun Commands

profile - Display yours or another users profile

pay - Pay a user tokens

background - Change or view backgrounds

buybg - Buy backgrounds you don't own

ship - Generate a random percentage of love between two users

crates - Display the amount of crates you own

tokens - Display the amount of tokens you have

vote - Vote or claim your vote for rewards in the bot

open - Open crates that you own

rep - Rep a user

Game Commands

work - Work for more currency to spend

character - Info your current character / show you how to pick one

choose - Choose a character

info - Info a knightmare in your inventory

infokm - Info different knightmares in the bot

infoc - Info different characters in the bot

knightmares - Display your currently owned knightmares in the bot

select - Select a knightmare from your inventory

slot - Slot your most recent knightmare

Interaction Commands

pat - Mention a user to pat them

hug - Mention a user to hug them

cuddle - Mention a user to cuddle them

kiss - Mention a user to kiss them

slap - Mention a user to slap them

poke - Mention a user to poke them

Image Commands

trumptweet - Generate a trump tweet using text that you input

clyde - Generate a clyde bot message using text that you input

changemymind - Generate a change my mind meme using text that you input

kanna - Generate a kanna image using text that you input

phcomment - Generate a ph comment using text that you input

captcha - Generate a captcha using your profile picture

lolice - Generate a lolice image your profile picture

awooify - Awooify your profile picture

deepfry - Deepfry your profile picture

blurpify - Blurpify your profile picture

trash - Generate a trash meme using your profile picture

Miscellaneous Commands

afk - Set a global afk for when people mention you

pokemon - Check information on a stated Pokémon

emoji - See an emoji bigger with an image link

rand - Generate a random number

avatar - Display your or another users profile picture

userinfo - Display info about your user

quote - Generate a random quote

poll - Create a simple poll

suggest - Suggest features for the bot

Moderator Commands

prefix - Change the bot's prefix for your server

purge - Purge a stated number of messages

steal - Steal emotes from other servers and add them to your own