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Enery is a muti functioning bot! The bot can play music without time limit and has awesome fun and info commands.
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Enery | Discord Bots Hub
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The default prefix is -. Use -help to get help.


  • Information

    • -help: displays help for the bot.

    • -info: Displays help for the bot.

    • -changelog: Displays the changelog.

    • -commands: Displays all commands.

    • -userinfo: Shows information about the respective account.

    • -serverinfo: Displays information about the respective server.

    • -weather: Displays the weather for specific locations.

    • -ping: Shows the ping from the bot and the API.

    • -uptime: Displays the online time from the bot.

  • Fun

    • -ascii: Converts letters to 7-bit character encoding.

    • -cuddle: Sent a cuddle gif.

    • -hug: Sent a hug gif.

    • -slap: Sent a slap gif.

    • -tickle: Sent a tickle gif.

    • -kiss: Sent a kiss gif.

    • -neko: Sent a neko picture/gif.

    • -avatar: Shows the avatar from a specific user.

    • -remindme: Reminds you, like a alarm clock.

  • Music (in development)

    • -play: plays music from youtube play without time limit.

    • -join: Let the bot join a voice channel.

    • -leave: Let the bot leave a voice channel.

  • 99% uptime. Hosted 24/7 Discord Bots

  • (Coming soon) Moderation commands

Invite Enery to your server and write -commands to get a list of commands.

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