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Honey Bot
Honey Bot
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Lewds, Lewds, and more Lewds! A bot designed to mass distribute hentai of all kinds!
Invite Prefix: hb Server


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Honey Bot | Discord Bots Hub
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Honeybot has an exponentially growing and expanding library of hundreds of thousands of 'lewds'; all sorted and curated nicely and neatly.


Command Description
hbhelp Displays a list of commands
hblisttags Displays all available tags at the time of retrieval
hbget [tag] [count] Gets [count] images of tag [tag] P.S. you can also leave both the tag and count blank to pull a single random image from the full suite
hbreport [id] [reason] Reports the selected image to the curators to review
hbtag [id] [newtag] Applies additional tags to an image.