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SwordStrife is an adventure style game with stages for you to defeat, item levels and classes.
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By Kk | Positive | 2019-06-10 14:14:32

It's a good bot :o


By metalcupcake5 | Positive | 2019-05-27 00:10:36

A different take on an RPG type game, is pretty fun, and is all coded in discord.js, so that's cool too :D


By вσχ ™ | Positive | 2019-07-26 09:05:08

Good good


By Meister Saltu | Positive | 2019-07-02 22:26:26

It was okay.


By DeviantHyper | Negative | 2019-05-19 19:55:03

Vote rewards take a long time


Added Towns
2019-07-07 21:00:20

• Added commands: towns town • Updated commands: shop vote exchange buymp start daily top

• Travel to different towns with the command: town and see all towns with: towns • Each town has different shop exclusive items for you to buy, use the command: shop in each town to see • Voting command looks cooler • Exchange and buymp command no longer work in all towns • Start command is more informative and makes it easier for new players • Daily command now shows a timer • Leaderboard have a new design

• New Class "Azure" - 2x all stats (purchasable from the second town)

Added Pets
2019-05-25 19:17:51


• Added commands: pets favpet infopet slotpet discardpet displaypet summon info

• Earn shards from daily farm mine and fish which can be used to summon / buy pets • Pets have random stats depending on their rarity • Donators gain shards at a faster rate with increased chances of better rarities • You have a total of 10 slots for pets • Pets have random IVs, these ivs will be multiplied in battles, for example a pet with 326 attack iv will multiply your attack by 1.326

Raritys • Common (1-350IVs) • Uncommon ━ 1/50 Chance (100-350IVs) • Rare ━ 1/150 Chance (200-400IVs) • Legendary ━ 1/300 Chance (300-500IVs)

• Each donator tier gives an extra chance of obtaining rarities | Donators ━ 2/300, Silver Donators ━ 3/300, Golden Donators ━ 4/300, Diamond Donators ━ 5/300 • Donators gain more shards with daily | Donators ━ 2, Silver Donators ━ 3, Golden Donators ━ 4, Diamond Donators ━ 5 • Donators have higher chances of finding shards when mining, fishing and farming

Added Gambling
2019-05-19 18:44:08

• Added commands: coinflip slots

• A max of 100,000 can be bet on coinflips • A max of 25,000 can be bet on slots • Added command shortcut for stage command: .st • Increased the rate at which you level up • Increased item multipliers, upgrading items now improves stats more • Increased chances of loot being stored as well as more loot available for taking • Decreased base health stat

Item Upgrades
2019-05-14 18:36:35

• Added commands: sword shield armour fishing mining • Commands visible in the ..shop

• Added item upgrades, the commands above will ask you if you want to pay 5,000 Gold & Metal to upgrade your stats in those items • Item upgrades will help you earn more resources as well as help you get to higher stages

Added Crates
2019-05-13 22:20:41

• Added commands: crates open claim • Fixed bug with loot command - the command has now be re-enabled

• Added voting rewards, vote for the bot with ..vote or ..claim to get 5 free crates and 1000MP (the ..claim command will automatically register that you have claimed and has a 12 hour cooldown) • Crates give random gold and metal between 100 and 1000 and can be checked with the command ..crates or ..c and opened with the command ..open

Mining, Fishing and more
2019-05-10 23:28:19

• Added commands: loot farm mine fish

• Loot command takes loot stored in a server and can be used every 30 minutes, each message sent has a 1-100 chance to store a number between 5-15 in the server data, this number stored is the total amount of gold and metal stored in the server data. • Farm command farms for resources - the amount you get depends on your current stage • Mine command mines for resources - the amount you get depends on your mining level • Fish command fishes for resources - the amount you get depends on your fishing level

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