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Moderation Game Utility
A multipurpose bot for Moderation, Fun, Images/ Text Manipulation, Memes, Utility, and much more! 🌟
Invite Prefix: c! Server


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Cyraxx ✨ | Discord Bots Hub
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Cyraxx - Discord Bot

Images, Moderation, Memes, Fun, Games, Utility, Manipulation And Much more.

  • Type c!help for menu help or type c!commands for a list of commands!
  • You can also do c!help for more info on a command.


  • Cyraxx is a multipurpose discord bot which can be used to moderate, make your server active, and do much more things by just inviting to your server. It can also be your new best friend!!!

  • Long list and variety of commands, approx 280++ commands are loaded, and getting Better day by day.


  • Moderation (kick, ban, softban, hackban, vcban, vckick, etc)

  • Fun, games, memes (tic-tac-toe, rps, gifs, imgur, etc ❤)

  • Image / text manipulation, images (fox, panda, cat, triggered, beautiful, ugly, garbage, gay, etc)

  • Utility, server management (roles, channels, emojis, avatars, wiki, math, calculator, weather, etc)

  • Get Covid-19 stats (covid, corona)

Please visit website or type c!help to view other categories and command.

Thanks for your time. Please don't forget to appreciate the work by voting. It would mean a lot to me and help me to grow!!!