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95% positive of 20 reviews.
A RPG bot that has many features, and almost daily updates! Buy weapons and potions, defeat monsters and bosses, with lots more!
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By ✿。* ☆.**. уυкαкσ уαzαωα .**.☆*。✿ | Positive | 2019-08-14 15:43:55

I have crippling depression


By kagome higurashi | Positive | 2019-07-25 22:56:43



By Neft | Positive | 2019-07-22 05:21:09

It's a great time waster wish it was on google play as its own game


By Wettham777 | Positive | 2019-07-12 22:41:25

It's fun


By Clayton🍀 | Positive | 2019-07-10 06:04:08

Really fun!


By TheEliteGamer | Positive | 2019-05-26 13:08:03

This Bot is really good, one is the most entertaining bots


By 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖞^𝕸𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖒 | Positive | 2019-05-20 16:55:10

very decent because I am a good friend


By Lazerbot777 | Positive | 2019-05-08 02:45:44

It is a decent bot but it lacks items and is finished easily


By TurtleLions | Negative | 2019-05-01 16:50:38

Not enough stuff


2019-08-18 23:27:50

Sorry it took so long, but I've finished coding this next update!

Introducing Pets

• Pets are monsters that you capture with -pet catch

• Each pet is either an attack pet or a claim pet.

• Attack pets can attack monsters for you and have half the health and damage as the monsters they used to be. Attack with -pet attack

• Claim pets can either give you gold or diamonds, and they have a random cooldown and amount of treasure

• Set nicknames and describe your pet using -pet setnick and -pet setdescription

• Use -pet for more info and other commands

Other Updates

• Fixed a bug where when you die you would still be in a battle

• Fixed multiple other small bugs

As always, remember to vote for the bot at https://discordbots.org/bot/528607207575781378/vote , and to invite people to the server so the bot can get more members!

The "Big" Update
2019-06-08 04:31:23

The big update is here!!!

Here are the changes that have been made:

• Everybody's profiles have been reset

• Monsters have been balanced, as well as items

• A new currency, gems! Gems can be earned from -daily, and from defeating bosses. Gems are like redeems if you have heard of them, but more common. Use -gems to see more info.

Shop/Inventory Updates
2019-06-05 01:04:04

• Mass buy from the shop by using -shop <ID> [amount], the amount variable is optional and will default to 1.

• Items in inventories will now stack. The format the items will be presented in is <item name> × <amount> ID: <id>.

• Another top tier weapon has been added to -shop special for each class! It unlocks at level 13 and costs 10000 gold.

Bunch of Updates
2019-06-03 03:23:21

• At level 12, you unlock the Special Shop, which you can access with -shop special. You can buy exclusive items and top tier weapons there.

Voting Rewards!!! (still in a beta mode) Use -vote to receive voting rewards, and vote on https://discordbots.org/bot/528607207575781378/vote. Each time you vote, you receive 500 gold and 100 times your level of XP.

• Buying from the shop is no longer allowed while fighting, use the command -cancel to cancel the fight and buy items. After canceling, you still lose your health and the monster you were fighting will despawn.

•Changed many item prices, and added another tier of weapons, available in -shop special!

Unlock Adventures
2019-05-30 23:29:23

Adventures are now not all automatically unlocked, defeat the boss in each adventure to unlock the next one. Due to some bugs, please make sure you use -adventure 1 and re-defeat any bosses. This is to make sure, say you've unlocked areas 4 and 5, but not 3.

2019-05-14 16:55:32

Quests have been added, there are 3 quests total currently. Use -quests for the quest command. -quest start <ID> starts a quest, and -quest info shows info for your current quest. Use the main quest command for more subcommands

2019-05-04 14:58:23

I have added classes to the bot! You should -reset to reset your account, if you have already started, so you don't get any errors with the new system. Each class has it's own weapons, as well as hit points and starting gold. Use -start without any arguments after -resetto see the differences between classes!

Bosses Added!
2019-04-26 01:48:54

Added bosses! Use -boss! Each adventure has it's own boss, there are a total of 4 different bosses so far. Try each adventure to see what it is!

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Pronounced Tiger RPG, TygeRPG is a RPG bot that has spawning monsters, fighting, and multiple adventures, this bot is still being worked on but has many basic and advanced features.

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