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Moderation Utility
A new bot was made for many-many features and utility.
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Yuki | Discord Bots Hub
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Welcome to the Yuki's bot page!

Main Features:

NSFW, Moderation, and and more memes to you.



Version (with build)



Command Usage Description Permission Level
ping Gets the response time of the bot everyone
fnstats [platform pc/psn/xbl] {mode all/season} Gets some informations about that users. everyone
help Gets help for all commands, or for a specific command if provided everyone
botinfo Any bot informations about the author, and the bot libary. everyone
serverinfo Shows the server informations like who created the server! everyone
roleinfo Shows the role information, like the color of the role. everyone
anime Gets some informations about anime series. everyone
ilegal Trump made that word is ilegal! Oh no! :( everyone
addrole \ Adds that role(s) for that user. everyone
removerole \ Removes that role(s) for that user. everyone
hentai Shows some generated some hentai images. everyone (NSFW)
trap Shows some generated some trap images. everyone (NSFW)
4k Shows some generated some real images. everyone (NSFW)
lewd Shows some generated some lewd images. everyone (NSFW)
anal Shows some generated some anal images. everyone (NSFW)
report @Mention Reason Reports user with a reason! everyone
neko Shows some cute nekos! :3 everyone
achievement Congratulations! Achievement was get. everyone
slap Slaps a user. everyone
pat Pats a user. everyone
kiss Kisses a user. everyone
hug Hugs a user. everyone
poke Pokes a user. everyone
ban @Mention Reason Bans user with a reason! Moderator
kick @Mention Reason Kicks user with a reason! Moderator
tempmute @Mention Reason Tempmutes user with a reason! Moderator
unmute @Mention Reason Unmutes user with a reason! Moderator
mute @Mention Reason Mutes user with a reason! Moderator