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Your Imouto
Your Imouto
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Moderation Game
Hi onii-chan! uwu, i will be helping you managing your server! and i also will help you with your pokemon adventure!
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By 𝔐𝔯.π”π”’π”©π”©π”Άβ€π”„π”²π”―π”ž | Positive | 2020-06-03 16:18:10

You can try your self :p


Your Imouto | Discord Bots Hub
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------Your Imouto features-----

*It has ban/kick commands.

*It has the report command which will allow you to report a user and it would post it in the report channel.

*It has the say command which will repeat what you said.

*It has fun commands such as "rock, paper and scizors" and a love command that will tell u the amount of love between 2 people in the server.

*It has a meme command that would post u a meme.

*It has Pokemon helping commands such as dex which will show u the stats of a pokemon.

*egg which Displays egg and gender information about a certain Pokemon or list all Pokemon in a certain egg group.

*ability which tells you the needed information about an ability.

*coverage which Provides coverage versus single types.

*item which Gives brief information on an item.

And much more! to know about it all invite your imouto bot to your server right now! you have nothing to lose.